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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  October 11, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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that debate will take place in the bay area and aired live on nbc bay area and we'll be bringing you extended coverage from both inside and outside the debate hall. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live with a look at what we might expect. >> reporter: the candidates will face off for the third and final time here at dominican university tomorrow night. some say it could be the most important debate of the campaign as the two candidates head into the final stretch of what appears to be a very close contest. you're looking at the very stage where in just 24 hours candidates meg whitman and jerry brown will square off one final time in a high stakes debate that will be televised statewide. >> the candidates are still in a position where either one could win. >> reporter: with polls showing the candidates running a very close race, political analysts
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say the final square off could make or break either candidate. >> independents have not committed themselves. there's a possibility that this will be an important moment. >> reporter: with the news of whitman's undocumented housekeeper dominating headlines in recent days, analysts says she has the most ground to make up. >> voters don't know her and now the one thing they know about her is the story of her as an employer and stories of her hiring an illegal immigrant and this is her last big opportunity to turn it around. >> reporter: but the brown camp audiotape slur has been dogging him for days. experts say another slip of the tongue tomorrow night could be disastrous. >> his danger is that he can make a mistake and that sound bite will carry for the rest of the election. >> reporter: many voters are hungry for substance. this student has been studying up on where the candidates stand
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on the issues. he wants to hear more before casting his vote. >> i'm leaning one way but i'm going to go into it with an open mind. if i get swayed, i'll consider changing the vote. >> reporter: we are back here live where you can see the nbc bay area news team is busy setting up for tomorrow night's extended coverage. our anchors will anchor from outside the debate hall while nbc's tom brokaw moderates inside. both candidates are hoping and praying for a home run performance. reporting live in san rafael, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> we'll be there. thank you very much. the entire campus was buzzing today in advance of tomorrow's debate. o >> reporter: just about everywhere you look on the dominican university campus,
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somebody is cleaning, tidying or applying finishing touches. the hall is getting a makeover as crews set the stage for tomorrow's debate. >> we never had this many wires and this many people on campus ever. >> reporter: if anyone is excited about all of this hoopla, it's an aspiring journalism student. >> i'm stoked. this whole time i've been up in the clouds. >> reporter: back on earth the transformation has brought in tv crews, police and even a pair of temporary cell powers. >> i haven't had any dropped calls lately. that's cool. >> reporter: the debate is drawing the eyes of the state to this tranquil campus of 2,000 students. >> everyone is excited. the debate is allowing us to turn the university into a classroom. >> reporter: today nbc network producers net with communication students to explain the details behind tomorrow's broadcast.
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the high profile event has inspired campus officials to fast track some projects. >> overnight they did it. it was really fast. in the morning it was already up. >> reporter: among the changes you won't see is the sense of pride the debate is bringing this university. >> to actually show people that small schools big events can happen. it doesn't necessarily have to happen at uc berkeley or ucla. >> reporter: until the lights go up and the candidates go on, the mowing, painting and seam setting will continue as this peaceful campus takes its turn in the spotlight. >> here's your schedule for tomorrow so you can tune in. the debate begins at 6:30 but live coverage begins at 5:00. at 6:00 we'll have a special predebate show with analysis of the debate after it finishes at 7:30. for the latest political news our website at and click on the
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prop 0 link. coming up this evening at 6:30, scott budman will look at the impact that technology has had on the gubernatorial race and why the candidates facebook friends could be key. onto other news now, a milestone today in the san bruno neighborhood which was the site of that deadly gas pipeline explosion last month. today marked the last day of cleanup for red tagged homes there. work crews hauled away the blackened remains of the fire leaving the rich brown of bare soil now. and very soon the dominant color here will be green. >> winter coming and we don't want to leave a blank lot with dirt that would run into the bay. we'll start putting down straw and then later this week we'll do a hydroseed process so we don't have the washout. at that point then the citizens will able to do heavy lifting of starting to rebuild their homes.
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>> dean peterson says it's interesting how neighbors are handling with their losses. some didn't want to come back at all and others watch the entire process. most are working with architects and builders and are beginning to see the future. after a hot start to the week, winds are whipping up concern about fire danger. meteorologist jeff ranieri is here with the details for us. how long is this heat wave going to last? >> about a two-day event for us here. one of the first widespread red flag fire warnings we have seen in months. a larger warning area than we saw all of summer. we had record setting temperatures with santa rosa in the north bay with close to 89. san francisco airport hot for your standards with close to 90 degrees. now, these winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. the key is they're coming out of the north. drying and decreasing that humidityown to single digits and we're also finding some extremely gusty winds in and
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throughout the hills of the north bay with humidity 10% to 15%. our bdigest conrn in the east bay with winds gusting to low 30s throughout some of these canyons and hills and also for the south bay humidity nearly 10% as well. this red flag fire warning in effect through wednesday and we're also looking at a heat watch here for san francisco downtown temperatures in the upper 80s with also that dry wind remaining in place. coming up, details on some big-time changes in your seven-day forecast. >> thank you very much, jeff. new at 6:00, a former oakland police chief now under investigation for letting his girlfriend drive a police car. police car that she crashed. police say his girlfriend was driving his vehicle when she collided into a honda. the driver of the honda was hospitalized with minor injuries. an internal probe was launched last week after the chp notified the pd of a collision involving
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one of their vehicles. he was demoted after sexual harassment investigation and now under administrative leave. the takeover of a san francisco hotel by a homeless advocacy group is over tonight. over 100 people from the creative housing liberation group broke into the vacant leslie hotel last night. they ran off this morning before police could arrest them. but today while searching the hotel, police came across blo blockades they believe were set up by the group. >> the building is being reconditioned by the property owner. it's a work in progress especially in these tough economic times. >> the group says the takeover was meant to raise awareness about homelessness. a san jose school teacher has been arrested suspected of sexually assaulted several minor
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under the age of 18. this is the substitute teacher at mckinley elementary school in san jose and a san jose resident. he may also have substituted in the san jose unified school district. police have not released any information about the alleged victims. tonight we have the sketch of the man who police say tried to kidnap two east bay girls. the suspect is described an an older white male with a gray goatee missing a tooth on the upper left side of his mouth. late friday afternoon he tried to force two sisters ages 5 and 10 into his car. he grabbed the 5 year old but the sister pulled her away from the man. the suspect may be driving a green four-door jeep with a blue and white license plate with the letter g and the number 5. nearly 700 nurses at children's hospital in oakland are set to strike tomorrow. the nurses are in a contract dispute involving pay and
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benefits. contract negotiations for the nurses have been ongoing since mid may. the hospital is expected to remain open during that three-day strike. seven california school districts are teaming up to push education reform and a bay area district is one of them. the san francisco district joined six others across the state to create the california office the education reform. the group launching today thanks to $3 million in donations. the districts started the project as a part of obama's race to the top competition for federal funds. some of the other districts include sacramento, fresno and l.a. still ahead at 6:00, unexpected landing at a north bay elementary school. how one city is bottling up its fame and wants to sell it to you. scientists watching a first of a kind experiment involving a bay area company. stem cells for the first time involving a human being.
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i'm not that human being but i am scott budman. we have a new contestant in the smartphone wars and we'll show you what it has and when you can get your hands on it. tipping the scales. we'll take you to the mother of all pumpkin contests and we'll have this year's weigh off that appears to be a victory for california. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri here. the record setting temperatures continue to keep it hot across the bay area and we're following this heat into tomorrow. the south bay at 11:00 a.m. expecting mid 70s. we'll track this big-time ng int coming in the seven-day forecast ahea d. can a smartphone be its own guardian angel ?
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a local retailer store bought for big box. scott budman is here with the news. not exactly kids' business. >> it is not but it is kids clothing. the san francisco based retailer
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gymbo gymb gymboree will be bought. speaking of stock, a big mover on a sleepy columbus day. smooth saili ining without muchs and small gains for the stock market. another smartphone is about to hit the market from microsoft which admits it's late to the party but knows there's a lot of money to be made in mobile. fighting to get back into the smartphone game, microsoft unveiled windows phone 7. >> i think what the world needs is another kind of phone. a different kind of phone which is really what we have to focus in on. the combination of the hardware and the software. >> reporter: that new software does everything you might expect. phone calls, e-mail, video games, access to social media and the web and it will also stream movies and tv shows. there's a video and still camera on most units but the big picture according to some
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analysts is it took microsoft too long to make this move. >> they needed to bring this out last year with the launch of windows 7 you want to do a mobile version. it's definitely better than it was before but it's a little bit maybe too little too late. >> reporter: microsoft leaders say it's not too late to revive their brand. >> the one thing we've really learned is put all of your focus in one place and do a great job. i think with windows phone 7 you have the best of microsoft and our partners in a single hand. >> reporter: the plan is to get the new phones in users' hands by the holiday spending season. >> we're told the first phone with microsoft inside will hit store shelves november 8th. it will cost $200 with a two-year contract. >> the contract is always part of the deal. thank you. a new report shows that students who dropped out of college are costing taxpayers billions. between 2003 and 2008 states spent more than $6 billion for
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the education of first-year students who did not return for a second year. the federal government spent another 1.5 billion in grants. state by state, california spent the most with $467 million. about 30% of yefirst-rsar studes don't return for a second year. fewer passengers are boarding muni buses in san francisco these days. the agency says there were 10 million fewer riders over the last year. representing more than a 4% drop over the previous year. the san francisco chronicle reports that fare increases and service decreases are likely to blame. electrified trolley buses, motor coach fleet and light rail lines saw declines. only the cable cars saw an increase in ridership. with the publicity about eating local food, it's fitting that the winner of the pumpkin weigh off was a northern california pumpkin. first time it happened in 11
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years. the entry tipped the scales at 1,535 pounds. >> awesome. i didn't think i would win this for a long time. i've grown for four years. many of these guys have been growing for 30 years. i'll probably spend the money on the pumpkin patch. >> in an added twist he could have won an extra $5,000 if his pumpkin had beaten the world record. it didn't. he gets only the traditional prize of $6 a pound. that's almost $9,400. students got a big red surprise today. a huge hot air balloon came down on their school fence this morning. witnesses say they watched it lose altitude, drift over 101 and to the playground. inside the basket was a man and
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woman who got out safely. the pilot tried to land in a highway across the highway but the wind blew him off course. >> what did you do today? rescued two people in a hot air balloon. jeff ranieri is standing by. >> hot air across the bay area as we started off on this monday. look at this. a few records as well. santa rosa hitting 97. san francisco airport with 88. also a record. napa, 89. new record for you. temperatures in the low 90s in the east bay. while we have had hotter weather in the past three months, this was a hot enough to setoff some of these records. look here at san francisco. and instead of the american flag flying at the plaza in downtown, it's the giants flag. we know the game is going on now. let's go giants. 79 right now and humidity at 32%. now, we are talking about fire danger. more on that in just a second. let's look at the storm track.
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it is getting pushed well to the north for this time of year. the clouds are ridging well up into canada and washington and northern oregon. for us at this point, high pressure is really kind of building in like a summertime high pressure forcing heating down to the surface and the very drying northerly winds with a slight offshore component. we have a red flag fire warning in effect for the hills here of the north bay, east bay and also for the south bay. i'll have more on that coming up here throughout the show. let's get a look at the numbers. as we head into 6:00 a.m., clear out there and low 60s in the south bay. by 11:00 a.m., heating up quick for you. mostly sunny skies and temperatures already bumping up to the mid 70s for those of you in and throughout san jose. overall here as we start off tomorrow morning, the coolest area will be the north bay with upper 50s and low 60s. temperatures on a quick climb yet again. upper 70s to low 80s in the north bay where that debate will be happening tomorrow evening and also here in the east bay we're looking at temperatures near 80.
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that's by 11:00 a.m. still plenty of heating in tomorrow's forecast. if you are doing traveling tonight, watch out. we do have severe weather happening in new york. we know how airport travel in the big apple can slow down travel everywhere. watch that. we'll also tell you about when temperatures will return to the 60s and that's in your seven-day forecast coming up. >> all right. jeff, we'll see you. the cool summer has grape growers rushing to beat the first frost. they are running three weeks behind. some growers say they're bringing in extra help to move the harvest along. if they beat the coming frost, they say the grapes have the potential to make great wine with less sun and heat, grapes develop less sugar which means they will produce wines with slightly less alcohol but full and balanced flavors. still ahead, when the doggy dish is half empty. the studies showing dogs are more like owners than previously thought. could darkness be the best
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in health news tonight, new research suggests that babies who have jaundice may be at a higher risk of developing autism. the study was conducted in denmark. babies who develop jaundice after birth were 67% more likely to be diagnosed with autism later in life. babies with jaundice were also more likely to suffer from other problems involvingch psyological development. jaundice is a common condition in newborns that involves the yellow are of skin. weight gain may be related to how much light you are exposed to at night. mice in a dim light environment gained 50% more weight than those in a darker environment. the difference was that mice exposed to light at night ate at
6:24 pm
off hours meaning people using the computer or watching tv at night could end up eating at the wrong times and that as we know can lead top weight gain. mercedes-benz is recalling 85,000 cars because of a problem with the power steering fluid. that recall involves cars from the 2010 c-class and e-class from 2010 and 2011 model years. measurrcedes says drivers coulde control when driving at low speeds. and the electric car race is moving into high gear as general motors chevy volt hits the market in the coming weeks. cnbc's phil lebeau was given an exclusive test drive of the volt and takes us for a spin. >> reporter: i'm all charged up. the sunglasses are ready. let's take this volt for a drive and see if i get 350 miles. we blast off out of milford, michigan. the first 40 miles all electric power. the volt updates how much juice
6:25 pm
it's using. one thing you will definitely notice when you drive the volt is how quiet it is but have plenty of power to zip along the highway. a quick pit stop draws lots of stares. >> it sounded like a space ship. >> i like the center area. >> so smooth. you don't hear it. >> reporter: three years in the making, the volt will join tough competition. at a sticker price of 41 grand, gm hopes all its bells and whistles and chirps pay off. >> they have to hope that the electric driving experience that it is quiet and that you can fuel it at home has enough value to take up the difference. >> reporter: after 39 miles shows a fuel pump showing the engine is on gas assist.
6:26 pm
no doubt the volt is a smooth ride and high tech interior is not like being on the deck of the star ship enterprise but it is high on the cool factor. >> when it comes to cars, we have an interesting future ahead of us. >> we do. still ahead, what does beverly hills smell like? p how you can get a whif thanks to a new product. coming up, the age of popular space travel one step closer. we'll take you on a test flight. it may be the new era of medicine. a silicon valley company creating the first of its kind test involving spinal cord injuries and it's not without controversy. why you may have dozens of facebook friends. how important is it for meg whitman and jerry brown to have a big friends list? l l egyh tegychnolo is playing in the orgonornve race.rn [ male announcer ] sizzler's incredible endless salad bar --
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it turns out the gubernatorial candidates are doing more than just stumping for votes these days. they're tweeting them as well. as scott budman shows us, they don't want to just be seen, they also want to be liked. >> our next governor must be tough enough to stand up to the unions and the politicians they control. >> reporter: thanks to youtube, web surfers can get a dose of meg whitman's campaign message any time, anywhere. >> when i was on the board of goldman sachs and the people raised ethical questions about my insider stock deals, i just gas this sucker up. >> reporter: the same goes for those that don't like whitman. they too have a platform any time anywhere. >> as governor he cut waste and got rid of the mansion and limo. >> reporter: jerry brown is also making sure to post frequent messages on youtube. >> jerry brown acting like the
6:30 pm
outsider when he's the ultimate insider. >> it makes a difference with the younger voters. >> reporter: jeff holmes is the director of a marketing agency. he says it's important that each candidate is also on facebook and twitter because so many voters are there. >> the younger voters tend not to come out and vote as much and trying to build a community and get them involved online between facebook and twitter is really trying to drive that in getting them out to the polls. >> reporter: if you are keeping track, wtm han maseor facebooke fans. brown has more twitter followers. but neither is likely to rely on technology alone. >> i think you will atr attract voters but traditional media will run the campaign. >> reporter: new technology is taking hold but there's still room for something a little more established.
6:31 pm
in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> what does it mean that brown leads on twitter while whitman leads on facebook? tech expert we spoke to says it shows that brown is gaining new young voters while whitman is scoring with those who have a bit more experience. let's talk about the debate that we're going to be airing tomorrow night here on nbc bay area with our political naanaly. tom brokaw has a tough job. >> especially the last couple weeks. we have meg whitman's issue. undocumented worker. what she did and didn't know. how she managed it and some would say mismanage. it went forever and then you have jerry brown's issue with the comment about a woman characterizing whitman as a woman of ill refute. let's put it that way. that certainly didn't help brown at all. so both of them have had their issues and they haven't been the major issues they should be dealing with.
6:32 pm
>> who could be more damaged whitman among latinos or brown around women? >> they both could be damaged. here's the deal. whitman may suffer with the latino vote. brown may suffer with the female vote. but who has the longer record? and in that sense jerry brown has a long record with women's groups. n.o.w. endorsed him the next day. and whitman is more unknown. >> here's the criticism you hear about both candidates. neither one has given a real solution for the state's annual budget problems. neither has even commented on the fact that sacramento is now relying on a whole lot more money from the federal government that the federal government has indicated it will give us. >> it's the responsibility argument. balanced budget argument. in this case the budget was put together with the assumption, the grand assumption of $5.5 billion that would somehow be dropped in to our lapse by the good fairy from washington d.c.
6:33 pm
there's no evidence on this whatsoever. neither of these two candidates, whitman or brown, has come forward with any criticism, any commentary, any ideas about how to deal with this problem which they expect will be a deficit next year. and hopefully that will be touched on tomorrow night. >> all right. does either of these candidates, do you think, larry, have potential to shake loose tomorrow night? could something happen? >> this is becoming a situation where if one shakes loose, he or she may shake loose because the other falls flat. if the one makes the faux pas, the other candidate will pounce on it. in a close race when they all have so much to lose, they are going to have to come out swinging and that's when the tripping begins. an interesting time tomorrow night that's for sure. the debate is set for 6:30 here on cnnbc bay area. we'll be streaming the debate on our website at
6:34 pm
>> looking forward to being with both of you gentlemen tomorrow. governor schwarzenegger visited russia today. the governor brought along some californ adleers. you may recall that he met with the russian president back in silicon valley when he visited in june. the governor put emphasis on russia's vast potential. >> there's so many opportunities here in russia that you just look at this and you say, my god. this is almost like looking at a gold mind or diamond mind and you say all you got to do is go in there and get it. >> russia is seeking investment in hoping to create a similar silicon valley hub near moscow. the president unveiled a new
6:35 pm
project today saying one in five construction workers is unemployed and needs a job. he points to china, korea and europe saying these countries are focusing on large infrastructure projects. >> everywhere else they are thinking big. they are creating jobs. today. they are also playing to win tomorrow. >> the president called on lawmakers today to support his plan. lawmakers are due to reconvene after the election but administration officials say that action on the initiative is unlikely until next year. top forecasters say the economy will grow this year and next but at a slower pace than previously thought. the national association of business economics polled 46 economists. back in may they predicted yearly growth of 3.2% but now they back off that number. forecasting growth of 2.6%. they are also downbeat on jobs and housing prices predicting a stagnant unemployment rate and housing prices which will not
6:36 pm
increase much from where they are right now. a bay area company stock jumped more than 6% today after a ground breaking announcement. the first company in the nation to launch a clinical trial using embryonic stem cells on humans. traci grant mass more on the controversial testing and what scientists hope to learn from it. >> our whole family got into this because my cousin was killed by a spinal cord injury accident in the late '60s. >> reporter: a star high school quarterback on the verge of being recruited by ohio state university. the hit he took on the field during the last game of the season left him paralyzed from the neck down and then he died a year later. the family threw themselves into the world of biomedical sciences and neuro cellular technology. what this company unveiled today has the profession and personal impact. >> this is a very exciting study because it's the first time human embryonic stem cells will
6:37 pm
be introduced into a patient. >> reporter: the testing has gone from lab rats to humans. they will begin the first study. an unidentified patient to suffered a partially spinal cord injury was injected with stem cells on friday. scientists hope the cells will release compounds that will help the damaged nerves and cord regenerate. federal funding for stem cell research has been tied up for years that equate the use of stem cell testing to abortion. they don't use federal funding so that has helped them take this big step forward. >> frustrating for scientists and public to see how slowly this progresses. >> reporter: studying the impact of the stem cells on patients is not for the inpatient but the process is promising. >> this first patient is being treated at a facility in atlanta but there are a total of seven
6:38 pm
locations where participants can be treated. the shouting match caught on tape and what is next for the winless 49ers. and the man who overcame the odds to win china's got talent. and new research about your dog's attitude and how it could help shelters match the right dog with the right home. jeff ranieri here. after a red flag fire warning today and record setti97 with 97 in the north bay for santa rosa, temperatures coming down a bit right now. bi'll tell you about an even gger drop coming in your sev seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. @@รบ@@@
6:39 pm
[ male announcer ] after twenty-eight long years of washington partisanship this is barbara boxer's california. trillions in reckless, wasteful spending. destroying small business. killing jobs. crushing hopes. we can change this, but only if we change the people we send to washington. california cannot afford boxer for six more long years. i'm carly fiorina and i approved this message.
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as governor, he balanced budgets without raising taxes. and california created 1.9 million jobs. as attorney general, jerry brown took on wall street banks, mortgage scammers and public officials stealing from taxpayers. at this stage in his life, jerry brown has the independence to make the tough decisions california needs. as governor i'll cap government salaries and pensions. on the budget, we have to face reality. make do with what we have. and no taxes without voter approval. jerry brown, knowledge and know-how we can trust. >> two, one, release. >> after want to take a ride in a rocketship. virgin has completed its first test fight. it was founded by virgin airlines founder richard branson
6:41 pm
and hopes to make its first passenger flight sometime next year. the price for the experience estimated at $200,000. the company says it already has 370 reservations for a ride. >> debbie downer dogs really? researchers find that some dogs are pessimists viewing their water bowl as half empty. british scientists learn this by training dogs to go to their water bowl. those that ran quickly to find a meal are optimistic. some would slink up expecting the worst. experts say those downer doggies tend to bark when left alone and can be destructive. maybe mad because people keep moving their food around. >> that might be what it is. >> i know there's people that are angry at 49ers. >> a lot of talk. sick of the talk. 49er fans are sick of the talk. there was some decisions today
6:42 pm
that were made and this was caught on the national cameras last night. the argument between singletary and smith. the owner sent a text message that's getting national headlines and the poor guy for the atlanta braves. an update of what he's doing at the game tonight. we're back in a moment. jeff? we are tracking heat here across the bay area and also red flag fire warning. there's the sunset from oakland. details on big-time changes in your seven-day forecast coming i h
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
the scent of "90210." the city of level hills are launching their own perfume line. >> we get a report on the city's sweet smell of success. >> it's a good one. >> really good. >> beverly hills mayor gave me a preview of the upcoming line of perfumes. call them "90210" and they call them iconic and must have. >> we thought everyone was using our brand from the tv shows to the beverly hills chihuahua and "beverly hills cop" so we decided to use the brand and uplift it. >> he's tried them out on his wife and she likes iconic and most who smell the scent think
6:45 pm
it's a great idea. >> they say it's about time. >> i think it's about time. i'm surprised they didn't have it a long time ago already. >> reporter: the three fragra e fragrances are different enough so there's something for everyone pulled from native flowers and foliage here in the city. >> i like that one better. >> reporter: you like this one. you're a rodeo girl. >> reporter: a lot of girls are rodeo drive girls think it is what beverly hills stands for. >> luxury. >> classy. >> elegance. >> this is it. >> if the city had a soundtrack, maybe this guy would sing it. he's only 13. the opera sounds like the must have scent smell, sophisticated and clean. >> it will be fine. >> have to get one for paparazzi too. this is beverly hill's first product to become an actual
6:46 pm
brand. >> jeff ranieri, we're having a bit of a heat wave around here. >> it is hot out there. if we did have a scent it would be fragrant right now. heat cooking things up for us out there. look at oakland, temperature of 80 degrees. humidity at 39%. the humidity is recovering a bit but still that air extremely dry here across the bay area. in fact, some of the driest air we have had for months in some cases because these winds are gusting to levels we haven't seen in a while. this dry northerly wind. we did have record setting temperature in santa rosa with 97. also a record in san francisco at 88. 89 in napa. 89 in san jose with low 90s throughout livermore. the big thing we've been focusing on is a red flag fire warning from the north bay down into the south bay. we'll take you here into the north bay. humidity 10% to 15%.
6:47 pm
extremely low. biggest concerns for winds east bay hills. winds of 30 miles per hour through the canyon regions. the red flag warning in effect through wednesday and heat watch for downtown san francisco for tomorrow. we've seen hotter weather here in months past, it is just so off the mark that we just want people to be careful out there and take some frequent breaks if you are doing a lot outside. right now temperatures backed off from daytime highs. est is 70s and low 80s. a warm night for us and tuesday it will be hot inland. hold on. we have big-time changes coming in our seven-day forecast with a temperature drop of about 30 to 35 degrees. high pressure keeping it hot here just offshore. driving those northerly winds and slightly offshore so tomorrow inland more 90s will return and also more fire concerns with us and then by wednesday we'll look at cooling beginning at the coastline and
6:48 pm
then eventual cooling for inland spots as we mentioned in that seven day. tomorrow starting off 61 degrees in the east bay and by 11:00 a.m. a warm up with temperatures close to 80 degrees. tomorrow mild start here from the north bay down into the south bay and let's get a look at those numbers. low 90s here in the south bay. 92 in morgan hill. 92 in livermore. so not looking at too many widespread records but with those temperatures in the 90s that will keep that fire danger up there once again. 88 in san francisco. another hot day for you if you are without an ac you may want to head to the mall, go to a movie, get a break from the heat. north bay temperatures in the low to mid 90s for that debate happening tomorrow. more any time on the weather channel on cable and look at this huge drop from low 90s inland tomorrow to 60s and low 70s by this weekend. keep the jackets handy. >> all right. mike singletary's mantra is
6:49 pm
finished. maybe it ought to be begin. >> this has to be the most compelling 0-5 team. >> fascinating. >> they haven't got an win yet. 49ers fans sick of this. the singletary honeymoon is over. we're flirting with history. 49ers off to the worst start in 31 years. take a listen. when they weren't booing they were chanting we want carr as in backup quarter david carr. what a mess this has been. your boss chewing you out on national tv. not very nice. smith had three turnovers. he was about to get benched but somehow managed to convince singletary, coach, you have to keep me in the game. here's the deal with the 49ers. they're stuck with singletary for now and singletary is stuck with alex smith. there are no viable options to make a major upgrade on that roster. on top of that, the owner got involved today. here's nbc's lauren scott from team headquarters in santa
6:50 pm
clara. >> reporter: off the top mike singletary made sure there's no confusion and he's moving forward into the next sunday with alex smith as the starting quarterback. >> as far as confidence level when i look at david carr, i think david could obviously go in and do a good job. but i believe alex is the best quarterback. >> that's the main reason i play. the guys in the locker room. the guys in here. i haven't been able to hold up my end as far as accountability goes. >> we're all being evaluated right now at 0-5. it's just a matter of he knows what he has to do. >> tight end vernon davis is on the other end of singletary's fire and was there to counsel smith through it last night. >> i said to alex, great quarterbacks don't give up. they don't quit. no matter who it is. you're a great quarterback. you won't let the coach or anyone else take you out of the
6:51 pm
game. that's when i went to alex and said you're staying in the game. you look at coach and tell him you're staying in the game and you can do it because you've been in this position before. >> reporter: and the owner clarifying his issue by texting espn to say we'll win the west. the coach's thoughts on this? >> i think it's great. i think that's what we're doing. that's why we do what we do. we started the season and that was our goal. >> reporter: as they now gear up for the raiders in search of that elusive first win. >> the angle is classic texting that message to espn. he was in our studio for the business show which aired yesterday saying singletary's job was safe. >> is coach singletary's job rely on whether -- >> it's job is not on the line. when you lose football games and when you win football games, it doesn't matter what happened the week before. it matters what's coming up.
6:52 pm
that's what we had to stay focused on. >> scott mcgrew. not to be lost in the shuffle, the nfl commissioner was in town this weekend. suggesting very strongly the raiders and 49ers need to share a new stadium. and meanwhile that was happening. the raiders beat the san diego chargers for the first time in seven years. how about that? 49ers and raiders now play each other next sunday at candlestick. finally tonight, ever had a bad day at the office with millions of people watching? after what he did this poor guy has been benched. >> tried to do my best to get over it. probably not for a long time if ever. i wish i could just dig a hole
6:53 pm
and go sleep in there. >> you feel real bad for this guy. brooks conrad made three errors in yesterday's game. really allowing the giants to beat the braves. conrad played in six games for the a's back in 2008. likely out of a job in atlanta when this series is over. our giants coverage continues tonight at 11:00 along with our friends over at comcast, the only place to see giants and braves postgame coverage on bay area live from atlanta right after the final out. this is what we do. comcast and nbc working together right after the tbs coverage. >> that's good. i saw words of consolation offered to that poor fellow. >> no one wants to win a game like that but it's baseball and these things happen. >> we've all had a day like that. >> i've had a few. >> we all have. we'll be right back with erwinn of winner of china's got talent.
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coming up tonight at 11:00, rapes, robberies, domestic abuse, three of the biggest crimes plaguing one bay area city and the new plan to stop violence against women. >> i guess i like fighting and showing that girls can do it too. >> sugar, spice and left and rice is the next generation of
6:57 pm
bay area boxers. the emotional stories that brought these young ladies into the ring and what they're out to prove. that's tonight at 11:00 after a new "chase." an extraordinary performance in the final round of "china's got talent." a 23 year old won the competition last night when he performed "you're beautiful" on the piano with his feet. the beijing native lost his arms when he was 10 years old after being shocked by a high voltage wire. nine years later he decided to become a musician. despite everyone's doubts he proved to his peers and the world that he does have talent. >> boy, that's extraordinary. >> amazing. >> sure is. thank you for being with us. >> we'll see you back here at 11:00. [ male announcer ] taxes.
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